“Blessed are those who dwell in your house; blessed are those whose strength is in you; blessed is the one who trusts in you.” ~Psalm 84

If I had to rely on my strength alone, I’d be in trouble! If I had to rely on my intellect alone and my ability to maneuver every obstacle and pothole in my path, I’d be in trouble! Fortunately, I don’t. Fortunately, there is a dwelling place, within me, within us, where the power of God reigns and the Holy Spirit resides. A place of comfort and refuge, where we can go.

Sometimes we need God to cover us. Sometimes we need the Holy Spirit to strengthen us, lead us, guide us, hide us, right here, right now. Sometimes we need to get to that “secret place.” That place of peace, love, protection, and security. That place where we can regroup and be restored. Sometimes we need sanctuary that transcends the physical buildings where we may worship. Fortunately, we don’t have to wait until we get to church in order to get to God!

How awesome it is to be able to rest in divine power that supersedes our problems. How awesome it is to be protected and secure by a strength that picks us up and holds us up as the winds of life knocks us down. How awesome it is to put our trust in the One who has never defaulted on a promise. How awesome it is to be assured that we can have peace even as chaos manifests around us. May we be reminded that in every breath we take and step we make today and every day, God dwells within us and we have the sacred opportunity to rest in God. ~Rev. Yorri

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Affirming our African heritage, our vision is to build an inclusive body of biblical believers who continue to grow in Christ as we love, serve, and fellowship with the community and each other.

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